creative assistant || creative director || movement director
videographer || photographer

My mission is to design, direct, create and collaborate with other companies and brands to bring unique visions to life and to produce stimulating experiences that will inspire and evoke others.

Photo from cover shoot of @EYECMAGAZINE // Hair Design by Kerime Konur, part of Odna’s art installation Matka, produced by Kerime Konur // Creative Direction and Model – ODNA // Photography and MU by Ryan Burke

Sidra Bell Dance New York // SBDNY Photoshoot with Cesar Brodermann Photography // Make-up by Melike Konur, Assistant MU by Kerime Konur // Videography by Alex Diaz & Kerime Konur // Editing and Music by Kerime Konur

Photos by Kerime Konur, from film “Made Me” by Cesar Brodermann // Assistant Director, Director of Photography – Kerime Konur