Kerime (Kara-May) Konur (Koh-Nor) is a performing artist, creative director, and freelance photographer + dance filmmaker. She is a serendipitous artist with vigor, elegance, and empowerment that is demonstrated through optimistic and diverse storytelling. She has performed the works of Martha Nichols, Jessica Castro, Sidra Bell, Cindy Salgado, Bryan Arias, Charissa Barton, Maleek Washington, Jeff Davis, Jesse Zaritt, Kevan Allen, Jinah Parker, and for GMA: Live, off-Broadway’s SHE: a Choreoplay, NYFW, Nike, Revlon, BOSE, TMMM, The Duece, Westworld and Amazon. Kerime has creative directed for Sidra Bell Dance New York and Stuffed Arts + Judson Church, photographed Loni Landon Dance Projects, and directed/produced + videographer for Cesar Brodermann Photography. She was a performer + collaborator in the New York Times Best of 2021 performance “Roster” by Kayla Farrish/Descent Structures Arts with live musician Melanie Charles and is currently a dancer and collaborator in the company. Kerime is also the manager of New York’s premiere burlesque venue Duane Park. 

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