Kerime Konur is a performing artist, creative director, collaborator, and freelance photographer of dance + dance film maker. She is a serendipitous artist with vigor and an intentional mover that embodies human experiences.  Her movement has elegance, empowerment, and force that is demonstrated through optimistic, primitive, physical and diverse storytelling. Her film and photography captures the grace of motion with the instinctual approach of a movement artist. She is currently a dancer + creative collaborator & co-director for Kayla Farrish/Descent Structures Arts.

Kerime is currently performing with the Jinah Parker Project in a show titled SHE. ‘ The best way to describe SHE is the VAGINA MONOLOGUES meets FOR COLORED GIRLS in the 21st century. SHE is about ending violence against women and girls. It is about what happens to women like Sandra Bland; it is about all female identified individuals and it is about healing and empowerment. There is dance, there are monologues and dialogue between the women, there is music, there is film, and there is truth-telling in ways we feel break new ground in theater. Indeed SHE is a piece of art, but it doubles as a powerful movement, extending beyond the stage with educational tools, workshops, and a curriculum/study guide. It is an artistic mirror for our past and present political social climate. SHE’s power lies in its ability to say the unsaid. It attaches to the voice in your head, your heart, and your soul by operating on what is most difficult for us to say out loud – the truth.. ‘